Saturday, December 11, 2010

There is a time for everything

A time to mourn
Wow where to start? What a difference a week makes. One week ago today we were celebrating Grandpa's 67th birthday. One week ago we were picking out special sugar-free chocolates for Grandpa and getting ready to meet Mark's parents at Red Lobster. We always love celebrating birthdays together and we had a wonderful dinner. We laughed, and we smiled and we tried to scare Grandpa by telling him that we were going to have the entire wait staff sing to him (he really hated that). Ryan was sharing his shrimp scampi and we were enjoying our time together as a family. One week ago today we didn't realize that would be our last meal with Mark's dad here on Earth.
Sunday morning while we were in Sunday School Norma found her beloved husband in his recliner not breathing. She immediately called 911 and they were there in minutes. Mark and I received a phone call from Norma and we raced to her home to see what was going on. We were greeted by two Hewitt police officers and given no information other than Grandpa was taken to Hillcrest Hospital. We drove to the hospital not knowing what awaited us but aware things were not good.
We were greeted at the emergency door by a young, scattered hospital Chaplin and taken into a family waiting room. The next few minutes seemed to last hours. A Doctor came in and the first words out of his mouth were,"I'm sorry to tell you Jim died." Shock set in and I can't really remember anything else. I know that Norma and Mark asked several questions and were given no helpful information. We were then ushered into the ER and asked to wait with his body while the Chaplin did who knows what. We received Norma's phone call at 10:10 and by 10:40 everything was different.
In desperation I cling to what I know to be true. God knew the very second of Jim's birth and He also knew the moment he would take his last breath. Nothing Jim did could change either one of those two things. I am reminded of Ecc. chapter 3 when Solomon wrote, there is a season for everything under heaven, a time to be born and a time to die. A time to mourn and a time to dance. I know that nothing is untimely to our Creator and that He is the author and sustainer of life. None of us are exempt from difficult times but mourning is just awful.
This week has been the hardest week of my married life. From the very moment we got that news the world changed for us. To watch my husband start to grieve has been unbearable. To tell my children that Grandpa died was awful and we are all exhausted, shocked, emotional, angry, confused and sad. Our lives are forever changed and I want to write a few of the wonderful things I loved about my father-in-law and also remember some of the words spoken at his grave site service by Mark's best friend David Rogers.
  • accepted Christ at a young age so we'll meet in heaven
  • was married to his precious wife Norma for 46 years
  • was in the marines for 7 years and a postman for 37 years
  • loved his sons and his grandchildren
  • survived by his wife, sons, brother, sister and many nieces, nephews and grandchildren
  • loved baseball, especially watching Mark and Ryan play
  • enjoyed a good meal, especially his wife's cooking!
  • never missed a day of work in 37 years at the post office. His work ethic was amazing.
  • was always prompt---never ever late to anything and he didn't appreciate tardiness at all
  • hated having his picture taken or dressing us for any reason.
  • was secretly compassionate. He was constantly helping others but never wanted people to know what he was doing.
  • was extremely proud of both Mike and Mark
  • loved playing golf and spending time at the ranch
  • had a perfect record of attendance at Ryan's soccer, basketball, football and baseball games. He was very proud of the fact that he was at every single game!
  • he had a soft spot for his only gran-daughter Ally. She could always get anything she wanted out of him :).
  • loved a colorful joke
  • was very competitive. He enjoyed cards, dominos, games, you name it
  • he raised a wonderful son who is the most amazing man I know. These are just a few of the many thoughts that keep me up at night. I wish I could have told him goodbye and let him know that we were going to be OK. And I would promise to take care of his wife---but that was not the case. I am continually reminded that life is fragile and it's necessary to make sure that we know Christ as our Savior.
    Grandpa we love you and we miss you

A time to dance

Jim passed away on Sunday and on Monday at 4:30 I got the privilege of welcoming sweet Caroline Caprice Warren into our family. Kacey, Josh and Lila are all doing GREAT, and she is the cutest baby ever. In the midst of mourning we were given a time to dance! To say that we were on a emotional roller coaster doesn't even come close to describing our week. I am so thankful that the Lord knew we needed to love on a teeny tiny precious baby this week. I'm in love!

Ryan and Aunt Kacey moments before Caroline's arrival!

She's here!! 7.10lbs and 20 inches and simply perfect!

oldest cousin

Ally and Caroline

Fancy Caroline at Ally's 4th birthday party yesterday!

Thank you Lord for a time to dance during our mourning!

Welcome to the world sweet Caroline.

{Thank you for praying for our family. Don't stop! We are carried by your prayers right now. Also add my sister Caryn to your list she's expecting the twins on Dec. 16th---more dancing to come!}


shannonmichaelis said...

Such rejoicing when you know the Lord in a time for mourning. Makes me just absolutely wonder how people with no trust in the Lord can make it through a week like you just did. Cannot imagine this day for me though I know it comes for all of us. Still praying fervently for you and Mark! The Lord in His Goodness has blessed this season of the Purdys with much to rejoice about. Love you!

Caryn said...

Oh Angie what a sweet tribute to Jim and such a heartfelt post. Your word really touched me and make my heart ache even more for you guys and feel relived as well that you are getting through these hard days leaning on the Lord for all your strength. Love you

La Casa Chavez said...

You know my family always adored Mark Wood, from when Ryan and him were younger and played baseball together. I can honestly say that I always looked up to him as well in the way a little sister does with her older brother's peers. I felt a sting of deep sadness reading this in having to grieve with your husband and also in his own personal grief and loss of his daddy. What a beautiful tribute to a man well loved. And what timing in Caroline's birth just 1 day after. Absolutely a reminder to the seasons of life.
Thinking of you and sweet-souled Mark during this time.

Melissa said...

Perfectly said sweet friend. Continuing to lift y'all up. Love you.

Brett and Katherine said...

Praying for you during this hard time!

Shannon said...

Oh Ang - We will not stop praying for your family. I cannot imagine all you are feeling right now and I only pray that these sweet babies will be a bright spot at such a tough time. God knew you needed three little bundles to love on during this time. Love you guys so much and please let me know if there is anything I can be doing from here for you.

Meg said...

such a precious post, angie. i am so so sorry for your family's loss right now and promise to keep you in my prayers. and i am PRAISING the Lord for the precious time of dancing right now!! His timing is perfect.

Jill said...

Angie and Mark, I am just so very sorry. I will keep your family and Mark's mom in my prayers in the weeks and months to come.

Mindy said...

Beautiful friend...what an amazing post. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers so much. I am so very sorry for your loss. I just don't have the words. Please know I am praying for ya'll every day.

Congratulations on sweet precious baby girl niece. God really did know just when you needed her.

Many prayers and much love to you, Angie.

The Junods said...

Incredible post! I have ached for you all week. You have such a sweet tender heart and I can't imagine your emotions through all of it. Will keep praying for you and your family. I can't imagine the endurance you must need and want as this coming week approaches and as Christmas is around the corner. Although exciting and such perfect timing I know you want a boost of energy and a little emotional time out :) God's blessings on your sweet husband and his mama! The burden is heavy for both of them and you too. Sure wish I could see you these next few weeks. Maybe so! Love to you!

Kimberly said...

nothing short of a perfect post. you have such an amazing perspective on life and i'm blessed to learn from you. praying for your family in your times of dancing and mourning.