Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tea Anyone?

Today my baby girl is FOUR! She is full of four-year-old questions and is quite expressive and emotional and wonderful all at the same time. I adore that she is a girlie-girl so when she said she wanted a tea party birthday I was all over it!

Getting 'dressed' for the party with Lila

I think that Ally probably drank 15 tiny cups of pink lemonade out of this princess tea pot. She had a blast serving herself "tea".

I am so thankful that we decided to have the party at the MIX instead of my house this year. With all we've had going on it was a wonderful decision. The decorations, and favors.

Lila checking her outfit

We had a special visitor come read us a Fancy Nancy book---Honey! Thank you mom. (Note big brother playing on Mark's phone, pretending like he's not listenening, but I know better!)

Ally and I had a blast at her party

Party guests, including baby Caroline!!!!

Practicing her pinkie up pose

Can I really use this to drink out of? YES!

Ally has some very generous friends. Thank you all!

A real Barbie Dress too!

I missed taking pictures of Ally blowing out her candles, but these were the delicious cookies! Oh I want one of those right now.

Ally I loved having a real grown up tea party with you and I love your sweet enthusiasm for life. I get teary just thinking of how blessed I am to have a daughter.

Happy Birthday Ally Girl, I LOVE YOU!!! Have a fantastic fourth year.


The Junods said...

Of course that was adorable. I have thought about you this week after talking to Caryn before and after the babies. Bless your sweet heart! Seriously! You must be emotionally exhausted. You are superwoman. Thank goodness for supernatural help, huh! God has been so good and such an overwhelming time. I hope you're sleeping in this weekend and able to catch your breath before Christmas. Your family is so blessed to have you!

Jill said...

Happy Birthday!!! What a cute party! I may be copying that one in the next few years! Still praying for your family!

Krispy said...

Love you girl. You are an amazing mom and your family is so blessed to have you!!!! The party was perfectly girly and lovely!

shannonmichaelis said...

Love this party, especially because you didn't have to do it at your house! Such a fun idea, but I am sure you are glad it is over! What an emotionally exhausting month for you. Hope you can catch your breath sometime soon. Know I am praying for you!