Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Zumba One Year Party!

What a crazy year it's been! Erica started teaching Zumba at the MAC last October so when her First Anniversary rolled around, we knew we had to celebrate in a BIG way. I was there for her very first class---not knowing that I would soon be instructing!! God's timing on my certification makes me chuckle. I originally signed up to sub for Erica just in case if they ever needed one. I didn't even tell her I'd done it and that very next day the girl she instructed with quit. I taught classes the next week and a month later I was certified to teach both adults and kids. We now have 4 adult classes a week, 2 kids classes a week and birthday parties on the side...whew!!!! All I can say is that it's probably a good thing I didn't know all the work and hours a week it would take or I might never have done it :-). I always laugh when people ask if I work outside the home, because this little 'part-time job' has become a HUGE part of my life! I have more wild zumba clothes than actual clothes, which is just plain sad! I am extremely thankful for this opportunity and I cherish the fact that I get to teach with one of my very best friends, and minister to women of all ages, shapes and sizes. Zumba is an absolute blast and no matter what kind of day I've had as soon as the music starts it all melts away. On to the party...
Even though I've just been teaching 7 months we both celebrated a year. We found out later we BOTH had mono in this picture, which explained a lot!

Tatoos too

Party people

we had 174 people show up that night which is AWESOME~

We also had several local instructors come which was SO FUN!

Thanks so much girls for coming and celebrating with us. We had a wonderful time celebrating all that the Lord has done this year through ZUMBA. It'll be hard to outdo this party next year!


Sally said...

look at ya'll!!! so dang cute!!! and ahh, i heard you got mono, but didn't know about Erica! ahhh! ya'll may need to sit a few classes out and get better. :)

I am not surprised your class is such a hit - ya'll are just the sweetest and funnest, cutest gals around. i told katy i wanna go with her sometime soon ok! :)


Shannon said...

First of all....SO SO SORRY you had mono. I kept meaning to call and check on you, but obviously that never happened. I hope you are feeling better and back into the swing of things.

Secondly....WOW WOW WOW! You are amazing and I am so impressed with the Zumba stuff. Seriously. I have YET to ever go to a single class, and now I am more determined than ever to try it out. So proud of you! Love you, friend!

shannonmichaelis said...

I am so sorry for you have mono! My mom gives me updates on the goings on at zumba, so it was fun to see photos from the event. 174 people is amazing! Good for you ladies for doing such a great job. Praying you get better soon!