Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Preschool trip to the zoo!

I have been to the Cameron Park Zoo many, many times, but going with Ally's preschool class this year was a wonderful way to spend the day. They all love the animals and it's so fun getting to experience the zoo through their little eyes :-). And of course I absolutely LOVE getting to spend time with this beautiful girl!

Creighton, Ella and Ally. I'm so thankful that she has such great friends in her class this year.

Looking for swinging monkeys. I think Mrs. Conner gets to see swinging monkeys every day in her class!!

Ally was not too sure about the Tiger

Ally and Aubrey

The sweetest class ever!

I want to be sure I cherish these little moments. Going to the zoo is not on MY top ten list but it sure did make Ally's day. It seems like yesterday I was here with Ryan's three year old class...time is FLYING by!! I have to remember that these moments are fleeting and to stop and enjoy each and every one of them :-).

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