Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween Week of FUN

Oh Halloween, why are you so crazy? Don't you know this time of year is insane? My kids adore you but honestly this momma is always a little relieved when you're over. I blame MONO. Mono has took a lot of blame the last three weeks, and rightfully so if you ask me (or my poor husband!) Now...I do adore seeing kids dressed up in costumes, especially my two, and of course I could eat my weight in bite size Twix but overall I was happy to see you go.

We started off the week-long festivities by attending a pumpkin-polloza party, which my family loved! Thanks so much Bakers for throwing such a great party. Of course the mono prevented me from leaving my bedroom...but I hear it was a fun night. Mark got to watch game 5 of the World Series with his friends, Ryan had an awesome time playing football and ripping up his costume, and Ally ate her favorite dinner...a cupcake followed by cookies and a donut. Basically a home run for everyone! Here are Jango Fett and Sleeping Beauty on their way to the party. This picture pretty much sums up my children and their polar personalities. HA!

Later that week Kacey was gracious enough to take Ally to dance for me. Guess who also got to go?--- 'my cousin Lila'! Ally said she wished Lila could be in class with her every week. aahhhh so stinkin' sweet!

A wonderful break during the craziness was the evening we got to honor my sister Kacey and new niece-to-be Caroline!! I was supposed to host it at my house but obviously the mono had other plans (have I mentioned that I had mono...just wanted to make sure you all knew). I honestly cannot thank Mrs. Katherine Svoboda enough for offering her home last minute to host this shower. Katy girl, you blessed me and my sisters more than you know--you rock! We ended up having one of the cutest baby showers yet.
Isn't Kacey stunning preggers? She and Caryn both are just gorgeous.

Shower table and decorations. Caryn outdid herself on this precious theme. Everything was perfectly "knit together".

A pregnant sandwich

The next morning bright and early I was in charge of Ally's preschool fall party. I didn't get any pictures of the party (another costumed event) but here she is praying one day in her sweet little class. Her class just melts my heart. They are SO cute.

After the school party we got to enjoy the inflatables that were already set up for the FBCW Fall Fest. They had free reign on 10 different inflatables and it was awesome!

Check out Honey getting in on the action

That night my awesome family took this crew up to the Fall Fest. Ally had worn her sleeping beauty costume all day and decided to change last minute. The Smith pirates, Minnie Mouse, a Ladybug and Jango Fett headed up to church to play some serious games.

The next day Ryan had a flag football game, Erica and I hosted a super fun Zumba birthday party (pics on that later), then Sunday it was a 80's College Zumba party and finally...wait for it...it was time to Trick-or Treat!! Can't you feel the excitement?

Every year we go trick-or-treating in our neighborhood with the Weavers. Jenn and I have been friends since Jr. High and Jake and Ryan are great friends so it's always a very fun night. She and Steve just had their 4th baby, so this year was extra special. I think Madelyn had the best costume I've EVER seen. If you knew her feisty personality this bird fit her perfectly!

What a world wind of fun. Maybe you're not all that bad Halloween...I'm just glad you're only once a year!


Shannon said...

Oh I HEAR you on the Halloween craziness! I am too so very thankful that it is only once a year! Ours was actually a little more laid back this year, so I guess I shouldn't complain too much! Your kids are precious in their costumes! So glad you are feeling better.

Sally said...

oh gurrrrlfrenn!! i heard about your mono..and all the cute baby showers (from katy girl!) you are so busy...but somehow keep it all together. so proud of you and wanna be like you! :)

Kacey said...

I am tired just reading that! Whew! At least the kiddos weren't sick and got to have so much fun:)

Katy said...

Sister! We need this mono thing to be over and done with! :) I hope it is and you are feeling back to old Ang.

Of course, you know I am happy to host anytime! I'm so glad I got to be a part.

And---love the pic of Ally and Creighter praying. :) sooooooo sweet.

shannonmichaelis said...

Girl, no wonder you got mono! :-)

In all seriousness, hope you are more on the mend and learning from whatever lesson the Lord was teaching you during that season of sickness.

Love the costumes, the ADORABLE shower, the Halloween festivities. I too am happy it is all over...