Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day Art

I am forever blessed to be a mother. This year my kids gave me two very special cards. Ryan worked so hard on this card and he was VERY excited to give it to me, which was a nice little mother's day gift :).

My mom is sweet. Apparently I am special in this picture because I might buy him a Wii this summer...huummmm...

My mom likes me. Yes I do!! More than you can ever ever imagine. Ryan thinks I like him because I Tivo some of his favorite shows.

My mom can cook. I love that he thinks that. I asked him what I'm cooking and he said, My favorite-eggs!"

And my favorite. I love my mom because she loves me. See just how much I love him-I'm playing lightsabers yet again!

PS thanks buddy for making mommy so skinny!

I love this handprint so much and I cannot believe just how big it is now!

My sweetie pie Ally made me this card at MDO, complete with green earrings (my very favorite color:)).

Thank you Ryan and Ally for making this mother's day so very special. I am so proud to be your mommy!


MLP said...

Oh Angie...these gifts are PRICELESS!!! Ryan's words and drawings show just what an amazing mom you are. Seriously!!! You are very 'spetshall', that's for sure!

P.S. ~ Will you come and play Lightsabers with Walker?!?

Caryn said...

Awwww what precious precious little gifts - seriously melts my heart!! You are SUCH a great Mommy, I'm glad your very spetshall kids know it (Wii or no wii - he he!)

Blessings from the Reeds said...

That is just precious! I know you will be keeping these for a very LONG time. They are so right. You are a great mommy!!!

Kimberly said...

Hey, I got the same earrings, just purple! He was so proud and asked me to take off my other ones right there in the hallway! I also got the same card, minus the white words. He didn't like those and tore them out. Oh, these kids. So, so precious.

Happy Day to a Mom who teaches me through her actions. Thanks.