Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Field Day

Do you remember Field Day growing up? When I was in elementary school at Midway, this was the highlight of the year! The ribbons, tug-of-war, and popsicle are still some great memories of my childhood. I can honestly say it was even more fun watching Ryan experience his very first field day than participating in my own.

These boys can turn anything into a light saber:-).

Mrs. Sims and her sweet class

Daddy and Ally also came to watch Ryan

Ryan was on the Warrior tribe. They got to decorate their team flag before competition began.

Heather and her daughter Ainsley. Two of the sweetest girls I know!

Each tribe had 9 or 10 students of all grades to keep the competition as fair as possible. Ryan's team color was orange.

And then the relays began. See the determination on RW's face? He is such a great little athlete.

Ainsley was very good at the Island dress up relay.

Ryan's favorite was the sponge relay. The kids had a lot of fun getting wet on this one.

I think Honey had as much fun as the kids at events like this.

Way to go FWCS! I can't wait for field day 2011!!

(Sidenote to Caryn and Kacey: this picture totally reminded me of Nana's family reunion pics...Ryan's expression could totally be mine at 7!)


Caryn said...

I love it!! Ryan was made for field day no doubt about it! I can't hear the eye f the tiger without immediately thinking about the track meet.

Kacey said...

Mini Angie in that picture! Hilarious! The only difference inn his field day pic and ours is a whole lot of hairspray and neon:)

Libbie said...

Looks like they had a blast!

Unknown said...

Wow. I actually forgot about field day until this post. Nostalgia! Must be so heartwarming watching your kiddos experience the same childhood experiences you did.

MLP said...

I'm totally remembering our track days at the field on Estates Drive. Oh the memories!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryan's track day looked like a BLAST!!! Love seeing your little athlete in action!