Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter continued :-)

The odd thing about morning time at the Wood house, is that the mornings I need the kids to wake up early they inevitably sleep late. This phenomena continued on Easter morning. This little princess woke up before her brother and she patiently waited until Ryan got up to see her Easter basket.

Sleepy head finally woke up and discovered a new LEGO. He puts these together in record time!

Then it was off to church. The kids got to sit in "big church" with us this year which was a treat! After church Ally asked me if she could go to little church now. She's So sweet!

Ally and Lila were matching and somehow Kacey and I coordinated with them. We honsetly couldn't have done this if we tried. We attempted to get a group picture but the girls weren't having it.

Take 2 was a little better

Honey and the Easter Lilies

And GP and the kids

Easter is such a wonderful day. Every year we read the children's book, The Best Thing About Easter and although Easter eggs, springtime, chocolate bunnies, furry bunnies and fuzzy baby ducks, new clothes and church are all great, the best thing about Easter is Jesus! We only have Easter because of Jesus. It was all part of God's amazing plan.

I love my children with all the love I have in my heart and that doesn't even touch the love that Christ has for us. We love because He first loved us. Thank you Lord for sacrificing your only son so that I may have eternal life with you. The forgiveness and grace I feel everyday as I stumble around and make mistakes is almost too much to process.

This is what love is: God loved us and sent His Son 1 John 4:10

He is risen! He is risen indeed!!!


Caryn said...

Great pictures Angie your family looks just fabulous!!

Mindy said...

AMazing and such true words, Angie!

You guys are GORGEOUS...every last one of you!!!

Walker got a Lego from the Easter bunny, too!

shannonmichaelis said...

Love that color on you - very complimentary. Love the matchiness with you, Kacey, & the girls!

Jenny said...

Angie, I know this is sad b/c I'm commenting on a post about Easter, but I'm in dire need of some words of encouragement as the Paci Fairy came to our house last night. I remembered your post about it last year and actually went back to read it. I made it through night 1 (barely) and seriously am on verge of emotional breakdown. It's sooooooo hard. How long did it take til you felt things were "ok." No nap yesterday, I am dreading a repeat of that today and I was up on and off for about 3 hours last night while he asked for it crying. Breaking mama's heart! Sorry to comment on it through blogger but didn't see email to email you. Can you just tell an old friend that it WILL, in fact, be okay? :)

Jenny said...

my email is by the way! :) Thanks so much!