Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Around the World

Last week I got to attend a field trip with my favorite Kindergartner in the whole world! FWCS headed to the Mayborn Museum and learned all about Christmas in different countries. We had a great time and Ryan loved it. Sorry these pictures were taken with my phone...better than nothing:-). Ryan was chosen to bring a gift to baby Jesus (note he chose not to wear the wise man costume...that's my boy!)

I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to throw the gifts to Jesus.

The entire class thought this was hi-larious. I think you need to be 6 to understand why giving gifts to a fake baby is so funny. I do love hearing his sweet class laugh and enjoy learning.

Next up was the senses room and then onto Ryan's favorite, Science.

They learned all about refraction, static electricity, weather and so much more.

Thank you Ryan for wanting your mom to go with you on this trip. You made my day. I think the best part of the field trip for Ryan was the car ride there with two classmates. The giggles never stopped!


Libbie said...

We had the exact same field trip to the Mayborn. Blaine dressed up as one of the wisemen and then Pier Noel in the learn about Santa around the world room. Gotta love those big kids!!

shannonmichaelis said...

science and giggles - my kind of guy!

Mindy said...

Gotta just love OUR little boys' quirks! Ryan is so handsome and I love the one of him throwing the gift to Baby Jesus! Glad you were able to go...such amazing memories for Ryan AND you!