Monday, November 16, 2009

What I have a sip?

Ally has the funniest little language lately. She is substituting the word "what" for "can". So she'll ask me, "what I go outside?" Or "what I play dress up?" When this sweet question is followed by a huge PLEASE, it's hard not to say yes! I first tried to correct her but now I just answer. I know next week these phrases will change so I wanted to document her cuteness:-).

Ally talk:

"I love elephants 'cause they walk on their hands and feet."
"Mommy, are we gerls (girls)?"
"Ohh, that's SO cute"
"I getting bigger now"
"I wove (love) my cousin Wila(Lila)and Stacey and Wyatt."
"Where are we goin'today?"
"I need you to give a hug a kiss."
"Do you know what Jo-Jo says? He says, "what's shakin' what's happening, what's the word Jo-Jo?" (from her favorite movie Horton Hears a Who).
"Daddy's at works and Ryan's at school."
"Can I go to Kinderschool too?"
She has many, many more moments of cuteness. These are just from this week. I realize that soon everything she says will be perfect and I love her little way of speaking today.


Shannon said...

I love this! So glad you documented it all. You will cry one day reading it when she is in high school and doens't want much to do with you!

The Junods said...

So sweet and great job keeping track of those sweet words. Barret is the exact same way at our house. He talks a ton and tried so hard. Sometimes its not that nice but its hilarious. Great post!

Kimberly said...

I love that child talk!! I have a hard time correcting it too! I am glad you recorded it here for yourself!

Katy said...

So precious! I have stopped correcting AM too. I just don't want to forget about these days...

MLP said...

Ally Talk is too precious!!! I think she and Hadlee would carry on quite the conversation! And I love that adorable picture. What a cutie patoooty shirt!

Blessings from the Reeds said...

I miss that! I love to hear a little one talk. She is such a doll.