Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Awesome Hotel

After III's game in Dallas last weekend Mark and I decided to treat the kids to a night at a hotel. I love staying in hotels...We all LOVE staying in hotels and just knew that the kids would be excited. I never dreamed that we'd be staying at the Gaylord Texan but my smart hubby found a great deal, so it was set. This place is incredible. It is gigantic and gorgeous and the kids had a blast. They had already began setting up for Christmas so the decorations were amazing. I was bummed that we didn't have our Christmas Card clothes packed with us because there were at least 100 different gorgeous backdrop options.
Checking in

I cannot stop laughing at this reindeer

I am ready for Christmas after seeing all these great decorations.

The river walk inside the resort

Checking out the fish with Daddy

Ryan took this picture of Ally and I enjoying some yummy ice cream

And Ally took this one (with my help). Not bad!

Sweet little reindeer

Before going to bed I told the kids to pretend like they were asleep, which apparently is hilarious and very hard. They couldn't stop cracking up at silly mommy!

Thank you Mark for a night off. This trip made me realize just how big my kiddos are. It was very easy and super fun and we didn't have diapers, strollers or a pack and play. Man it sure is easier to travel with older ones. I did get a little sad that my baby is almost 3! can that be?... But, I really love this stage of life right now and I am cherishing these moments with our little family of four.


Caryn said...

So FUN!!! I almost called you right back today after I got off the phone with you because I forgot to ask you how the rest of your weekend went. But decided I'd wait till I wasn't at the store with my "helper" Wyatt. Looks like you guys had a great time. Fabulous photography by your kids!

Meg said...

that looks so fun! i am cracking up at that reindeer w/ his (her??) legs crossed and the pic of your kids "sleeping." thanks also for the reminder that the stage of your kids lives right now is pretty wonderful, too!!

MLP said...

That place looks AMAZING! WOW, what a fun treat!!! The kids are too cute. Ally is looking so grown up...her hair is so long and she's just beautiful!!!

Sally said...

awwww, how fun that looked!!!!

shannonmichaelis said...

Fun hotel! Don't know about places like that in Dallas, so good to know if we are ever there. Bummer about not having the Cmas clothes with you with all those fun backgrounds. Love the reindeer!