Monday, November 30, 2009

Top Treasure

This week or so has been a really difficult lesson in parenting. We have had a hard time with our precious Ryan. You know one of those weeks when you really feel like a failure. Like there is some rule book that all the other parents got that you missed! Mark and I know that parenting is not for the weak but sometimes it can be incredibly defeating. I'm sure that none of you have had humbling experiences, but we have had a few lately. I love my children with all my heart and unfortunately they both got a double dose of stubbornness, shyness, passion and the need to be right. Mark and I are very different, but extremely similar in those qualities. My mom loves to hear stories of how Ryan won't participate or that he has to have the last word because apparently I was the exact same way as a child. Actually, now that I think about it, I am still pretty much like that. Moving on...So mom my question for you is when did I become the awesome well-adjusted person I am now (he he)!!!! I feel like I need to write down the things that I adore most about Ryan so here goes. My top ten list of Ryan's amazing qualities:

1. Perseverance. This kid must complete a task start to finish, which I love. Last week we had the FWCS Turkey Trot 3 mile race and I am not exaggerating when I say that he ran almost the whole thing. Impressive.

2. Hilarious. I love to see his toothless grin while he tells me a funny story.

3. Tender-hearted. He is very compassionate towards others, especially those in need.

4. Smart. Like uber-smart. He was reading at 4, and he has a crazy memory. He knows every single detail about anything he's interested in. He absorbs more information than I ever did and retains it all. He is really starting to store God's word in his heart and I am amazed at how quickly this kid can learn scripture.

5. Timid. He is always taking in new situations. He's constantly assessing different scenes and people's reactions and then slowly deciding if or when he wants to participate.

6. Loving. He adores his family and friends and gets so excited for holidays and birthdays that he cannot contain himself. His cousins are his best friends and he always looks forward to seeing his grandparents, aunts and uncles.

7. Kind. When I'm not looking or paying attention he is such a great big brother. He is always looking out for his baby sister and cousins.

8. Helpful. I am quite certain that Ryan could run the household if I am ever gone. He knows where everything is and is a HUGE help to me.

9. Quiet. He loves having time alone in his room to play Legos, Star wars, his DS, or games. He needs his downtime and can entertain himself for hours.

10. Detailed. Ryan likes things the way he likes them. He is clean and organized and he likes to know the details of any new environment. He will still need to assess it for himself, but details help.

Now onto a proud parental moment...

Ryan won an award for the second six weeks at school. The top treasure is chosen by his Kindergarten teacher and only one student is awarded each six weeks. To say we are proud parents is an understatement. This award is based on classroom obedience, integrity, and being a good example of what FWCS represents. That is just plain awesome. (Just between us Ryan was not too thrilled to be awarded during chapel because he had to walk up on the platform with Mrs. Purdy to be recognized. But, he did it!)

Mark surprised Ryan when he got home with three of his very favorite things: staying up late, a coke, and a Target gift card. Basically my three favorite things too:-).

Ryan, I am so thrilled that you earned this award and that Mrs. Sims recognizes your hard work at school. We love you very much and love being your parents on both the terrible days and the great ones.
Here he is reading his sweet card from Daddy

And drinking Coke at 8:00 on a school night

Way to go Ryan!!!


Mindy said...

OH Sweet Friend, we've all been there and we'll all be there again (from time to time)!!! Totally know what you're saying.

What a TOP TREASURE that little guy is! Such an honor!!! Way to go, Ryan!

Caryn said...

I love that precious Ryan!!! What a sweet list of wonderful qualities each of which are right on the money!!

You are an incredible mother that I adore and as far as we're concerned you doing just about everything right!

Stacey was walking by and glanced at the screen when i was reading this and said, "Oh look, its my favorite cousin Ryan." and kept right on walking.

"Do not grow weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." Galatians 6:9

Blessings from the Reeds said...

Hey! Can we start a club? I am soooo in that club:) No really, I do understand what you are going through. I think the truth is all moms have walked in these shoes. For me on days that are a challenge I spend them in prayer. I pray over the bad and the good in the 3L's and then I am praying over Casey and I. You are one AMAZING mother who LOVES that AMAZING little boy. God knew the exact mom and dad he needed.

Way to go Ryan! You are a Treasure!

Kacey said...

Love that boy so much! I think it's kind of hilarious that you got what you gave:) Yall are doing such a great job with him

The Junods said...

Great list...what incredible qualities. I have to say that your post is a real encouragement to me. What is it about me thinking no one struggles like I do! Brooks has had some days and nights that make us feel like complete failures and at a loss. Parenting is the hardest thing I've ever done and the one thing I want to do right more than anything else. Brooks and Ryan have very similar personalities. You're example is one that I truly look up to. Thanks for a great post.

Shannon said...

Ummm....I really think we might live EXACT lives, just a few miles apart. We have been dealing with the same stuff around here. I love that you chose to look at all the positives. I hope he reads that every day for a while and is reminded how awesome he is and how amazing his mom and dad are! Love you sweet friend!

Nicki W. said...

goooooo ryan!!!! what an honor and a sweet boy! don't you love how they go to school and at least you know all the lessons you teach them at home are paying b/c they are wonderful there. even if home is another story ;) or maybe that is just my little mug.

Jenny said...

This post makes me so sentimental. Just so sweet and real. What a precious boy and what a precious momma.