Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Who needs a pool?

I gotta brag for a minute on Mr. Mark. Grandma bought us this little Webber grill a few weeks ago and Mark has really gotten into grilling. So far we've had burgers, chicken, pork chops and fish and I'm pretty sure steak is next. To some of you this may seem like no big deal but to those of you who know Mark well this is HUGE! I love him dearly but the only thing he has ever cooked in our 10 years of marriage is a mean grilled cheese sandwich, so I am giddy:-). Not only is he enjoying the grill-the food is fantastic!!!! Thank you for this little gift Norma. It has been very well received.
The whole family enjoys smelling the coals, and getting soaked by the water hose while Daddy's a grillin' and a chillin'. :-)

These are the moments as a mother and wife that I treasure the most. Everyone's having fun and enjoying being a member of our little family. Such J-O-Y!!!

Of course you know that I would love a pool but for now we're going to keep pretending that we live in Twin Rivers:-) (Just a little joke for all you Wednesday morning swimmers...we're invited guests I promise)


Caryn said...

So much fun - way to go Mark!! It is such a blessing to have that what's for dinner cloud lifted sometimes. Aren't those just the BEST little moments when you look around and everyone is together and happy and it just feels like everything is right with the world :) Now, if I could just figure out how to capture and repeat those moments over and over again.

Shannon said...

You are right - those are the best times ever. So proud of Mark! Enjoy those steaks!

MLP said...

You are so right...that truly is the best feeling as a wife and mom.

Go Grillin' Mark!!!

Love the pics of the kids having a blast with daddy!

Hey, how can I get a membership at Twin Rivers?!?

Blessings from the Reeds said...

Way to go Mark! Mmmm....steak. Sounds so good.

It is moments like these that are forever imprinted in your heart. I can just imagine the laughing going on. Too cute!

Libbie said...

What fun evenings!! Gotta love those memories.