Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stacey's 4th Birthday Party

This past weekend we celebrated Stacey's 4th birthday with a Cars extravaganza! Here's the perfect invitaion that Caryn sent out. (He took this picture in Disney World, isn't it SO cute!)

Some of the Decorations

His party was at The Little Gym in Plano and it was fantastic. I am all for having someone else clean up the fun!!! Stacey was far too busy to stop and smile for any pictures (as were most of the kids) so I have a lot of "cool" action schots:-).

Thank you Honey for helping

The parachute

Singing Happy Birthday to III

Ally loves her some Honey and GP

Ryan did this about 1,000 times!

Ally tried to jump too...

Ally and Lightning McQueen

My little family

Sisters:-). Caryn you did a fantastic job on this one!
The exhausted cousins
Oh thank you Wyatt for smiling!!!


Caryn said...

Love it Ang, thanks for the props and thanks for your help setting up and serving! I couldn't figure out how to include the invitation so I'm glad you did. I like your table picture too didn't have any that showed Lori's cute bunting :)

Stacey asked me yesterday if I thought we could go back to the Little Gym and maybe all is friends could come too, because they probably all still have their invitations???? I think a request for a repeat is a sure sign of a successful party. So glad you guys were there.

Blessings from the Reeds said...

My Landry would LOVE this kind of party! Super cute:) What a fabulous time the kids must have had.

MLP said...

I'm so glad that Walker isn't in here to see this post. This puts his CARS party to shame! HA HA!!!

You girls are the best hostesses! I love all of your parties.

Happy Birthday to precious Stacey!

I love the family pic, Angie. You guys are such a beautiful family!!! Troy and I were both admiring how beautiful you are singing on stage at church.

Shannon said...

Yep - another fantastic party thrown by Caryn! Would you expect anything less? We loved playing with the Wood family!