Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Babies

There are many that happen on a daily basis in our house that make me gasp, scream, cry, roll my eyes and laugh. This is one of the 'laughs'. I went into Ally's room tonight to find them both in Ally's crib. I took this picture and several things immediately made me laugh. One, Ally's bruised forehead (she walked into Ryan practicing t-ball-OUCH!), Ryan's mismatched PJ's, (he picks out all clothes except Sunday mornings), Ally trying to sneak a quick suck off her binky (We are trying to leave binky in her bed except at bedtime) and the fact that they are just having a ball. Thank you Lord for blessing my life with this picture...you always know what I need!

Look at that smile...he's actually smiling his real smile in a picture-WHAT?!?Maybe we've turned a corner.


Mindy said...

Absolutely precious. What would we ever do without moments like that?!?

Blessings from the Reeds said...

You are sooo right! Cute pictures of your babies. Smiles that melt your heart.