Sunday, October 20, 2013

Old Midway High Forever, To You We'll Always Be...

 I cannot believe that I will be celebrating my 20 year High School Reunion this spring.  I mean 20 years??!!! So odd...just so, so odd.  Our reunion committee decided that we'd have 2 events this year, one in the fall and one in the spring.  The fall event was tailgating at good ol' MHS.  I got to be honest,  I wasn't very fired up about this.  I am always completely wiped out by Friday night and I was feeling a little awkward about seeing some folks.  But... I am VERY thankful we went.  I hadn't been to a Midway Football game in 20 years and it was a blast! Ryan and Mark even got to to on the field like big shots.  I'm thankful that we live in Waco and I had a wonderful experience at Midway and was thrilled to share that with my kids.

Ryan was just a tad excited :) And Brady is in PJs 'cause he got to spend the evening with Grandma.
A good friend of mine in HS Meredith.  I'm so glad she took this pic, and sadly that's the only one from the tailgate.
Squint and you can see Mark and Ryan on the field.  Highlight of the night!
 My little stud even got to shake hands with the head FB coach.  So cool!

Things are certainly different than they were 20 years ago.  MHS is now a 5-A school so everything is bigger, and nicer and there are a lot more students in each class.  They still have Panther Patrol (they dress very different than we did:)), and Homecoming still brings out the hideous mums.  There is no longer a school dance and the dress code is much more casual which is wonderful.  Why on Earth did we were Sunday dresses to a football game?  The cheerleaders have tripled in numbers and so has the football team and dance team, but it still has the same MHS feel I grew up with, and I love that.

Oh Midway High Forever, To you we'll Always be
Standing for friendship, we'll be fair in all that we can do for you.
Comorades together to you we'll always be
And for you we'll go that way (or something?)
And fight for vic-tor-y  

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Melissa said...

So glad Ryan got to go down there! Maybe made up for having to talk to me for over 5 minutes??
We should've gone to the game, too. It was good to see your face! So so good. Praying for y'all