Monday, September 23, 2013

WCS Spirit week with a side of oral surgery

School fun has begun and the days of September are full.  I enjoy fall and look forward to routine after summer but it's always hard adjustment! The kids seem to adjust way better than me.  The week of Labor day WCS had SPIRIT WEEK!!! Can you feel the excitement?
 Hat day (I slept through crazy sock day)
Wacky Hair day

 And PEP rally! Ally did the cutest dance and 2 cheers and Ryan was introduced on the 4th grade flag football team.  They both did great!
 Silly 4th graders

 Ryan's face here cracks me up.  He LOVES sports and LOVES playing for our school
 cute fans
 Go Wildcats GO

 By far the best picture takers in the entire family
 out of focus Woods...which is pretty much exactly how we felt this morning.  Earlier in this crazy spirit filled week, Brady cracked his front tooth.  After an emergency call to a dear dentist friend, trip to our pediatric dentist, we had to visit an oral surgeon.  ugh! The oral surgeon was also a high school bud, and he did a great job, but we were anxious about surgery to remove his little tooth.   
The surgery went great and only lasted 10 minutes or so.  His cracked front tooth is gone and He's a cute little snaggle-tooth guy
Still a little out of it with GP
 2 hours later happy as can be!

So...Spirit Week=4
Dentist visits=5
And sanity=gone

Welcome back to reality mom:) I was SO thankful we had 4 days at the beach before this week!

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