Monday, November 19, 2012

Brady James Wood is SEVEN months old!

AHHHH this little precious one is another month closer to one year!  This month has been pretty exciting around here for Brady.  He now has 2 teeth, can move all over the place rolling, and started to 'army crawl' this week.  He is also testing out his vocal cords and wants to be held if he spots you walking by.  He is hilarious and still makes me smile all the time.  I was just telling my Bible study group this morning that I truly believe one of the reasons the Lord blessed me with this gift is so I would be forced to slow down and enjoy each little moment and milestone.  I sit and stare at him all the time and I am overwhelmed with gratitude.
I love this little half-smile, I mean stop the cuteness!
saying ba, ba, ba (bottle) clearly the boy likes to eat!

 trying to figure out how to get where he wants to go
 short screaming fit and diaper change and we're back :)
 big boy sitting up!!
 I got you basketball goal :) finally.
Brady I am so thankful for these days I get to spend with you.  LOVE you SO much!

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