Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wildcat Football

It's Fall, and that means football! I love fall weather and I'm so thankful that we opted to let Ryan play football instead of year round baseball because that boy is having an absolute BLAST out there.  We have logged some major family sports hours for our Ryan Wood.  Two nights a week and most Saturday we are out at the flag football fields and we all love every minute of those games. {note I said every minute of the games---not the prep, laundry, packing drinks, chairs, stroller, baby food, snacks or diners, pom poms etc...:(}  In a moment of weakness, Mark and Ryan convinced me that he could play on both the school team and at the Woodway Family Center.  In all honesty there are only SIX games at school and I thought he would need a bit longer season.  In hind-sight one team would have been PLENTY.  Oh well, I'm still new to having a NINE year old:)  I love watching him do his thing out there.  He has really turned into quite the little QB.

Nice arm bud!

I love that they have a huddle, RW in his element

 The coaches :) or their backs anyway
 Baby Brady also LOVES being outside for these games.  He is such a wonderful little guy.
 and 90% of the time he's chewing on his hands
 A Bonus this year is that Ally is cheering at all of Ryan's games.  She has a blast out there and is learning a lot!
 Mia, Ally and Hailey

 Coach Wood and squinty squinterson
 Lil' Wildcat
 trying to go night-night---poor little 3rd child that never finishes a nap at home
 We have had a rough season out there with no wins.  For my uber-competitive son and hubs that has been pretty tough.  Mark said he's never been on a team or coached a team that lost every game.  It's VERY humbling. Our Wildcats have wonderful attitudes and next year when we have all 4th graders I'm sure it will be different!
Favorite part of the game...the end:) getting ready for the cheer tunnel
 we have 2 more games

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