Monday, October 17, 2011

Ryan's QB debut

Ryan has been playing flag football again this year and he is LOVING it! He is in the 2nd-3rd grade division and plays quarterback. He can throw a great spiral and loves to say "down, set, hut" on every offensive play. We have ourselves a great little athlete and have enjoyed watching him gradually get more aggressive and confident this season. (These pictures are all out of order again...sorry folks:)
The most faithful fan awards definitely goes to Grandma! She has never missed a game and we love getting to visit with her at the games.
The amazing Mrs. Wallace made it out to cheer on the crocs last week. We are incredibly blessed to have this fantastic 2nd grade teacher in our lives. Ryan talks about her all the time and it has been a huge comfort to us this year knowing he's in wonderful hands every day at school.
Ryan has a huge fan club. The Warrens cheering on their #1 nephew. Lila was given me her new wave...what do you think? pretty funny!
absolutely edible Caroline who LOVES her Ry-Ry
I love the WFC because it's a very laid back sports environment.
RW getting ready for some De-fence! (he's #9)
these two were a BIG help holding the down marker :)
Some serious actions shots

He's gotten so good!!! Love watching you play Buddy!

These two were on different teams this year, but still the best of friends.
Ryan and Dad
The rest of the crazy fans!
I promise I was at the games, just forgot to get pics of myself in attendance. We haven't had many wins this year and honestly I was concerned at the start of the season because I know how competitive my son is. He has handled it sooooo well (honestly much better than his dad and I:)). I am continually amazed at this child of mine.

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