Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Weekend with Lila

We got the privilege of keeping sweet Lila LEW while Kacey and Josh were at the Alamo Bowl (Way to go Raiders). I just love having a one year old in the house. She keeps me on my toes, especially now that she's walking all over the place. She's hilarious and loves to make us laugh. We just love that little one to pieces!

She's also really started talking and would walk around all day saying Hi, Aye (Ally) , Hi Nyan (Ryan). They thought she was pretty cool now that she says their names. While the girls played the boys played on Mark's phone.

You know I love some matching cousins

After baths they played beauty shop. It's funny that Lila knew exactly what to do with the hairbrush, dryer and curling iron. Kacey she must watch your every move 'cause she's got it down:-)!

I think this picture gives me a little flash forward. The look on their faces cracked me up. It's like they were both saying, "can't you see I'm busy here fixin' my hair and making a very important phone call on my Fancy Nancy phone." Enough pictures Aunt Angie!

We loved having you LEW. Come back any time!


shannonmichaelis said...

So sweet to be able t keep her! She is going to have so much fun playing with Ally over the years!

Kacey said...

It melts my heart to see those two girls actually playing together!! Thank you guys so much for making your weekend crazier by keeping her. Sweet pics:)

Mindy said...

What adorable pics and fun times!!! It will always be fun for the cousins...especially Lila and Ally!