Thursday, January 7, 2010

Some Serious Skills

Basketball season is here! It is by far my favorite sport and I love that Ryan is enjoying it as well. Why do I love it so much?'s inside, there are no rain outs, It's a short season, I love the Woodway Family Center, and my boy is amazing to watch.

Here are my favorite two bobcats sporting their bright orange jerseys.

For the first game Ryan had some faithful fans rooting him on. (Uncle Frank was here too but I didn't get his picture)
These two fans probably had the most fun on the sidelines. (You can see #2 hustling in the background-that's my Ryan)

He had a great game scoring 8 points and several awesome passes. He rocked the WFC!
I was given very direct instructions not to yell too loud. Really, no joke, he's 6 and I am already too loud! I didn't want to embarrass him but I couldn't help but yell a little or maybe I yelled a lot. :-)

Great job #2 and awesome coaching Coach Wood. I am so proud of you both.


Caryn said...

Oh I LOVE IT. Way to go Ryan!!!! We can't wait until we get to come to a game and join your adoring fans!! I also love how we have just taken to calling josh uncle frank cracks me up.

So is Mark an official coach? A natural for the job of course!

Melissa said...

How awesome! I wish mak would get over her don't look at me thing bc she's really good...just refuses to play. And were you being sarcastic lady about the warmth that is here today?? ;-) yes, I'm freezing my tail off. 19 is not a good temp. Ally would completely freak out. So glad she's better!

shannonmichaelis said...

Oh I love the Woodway Family Center! Brings back so many memories. Love the photos!

Jill said...

I LOVED reading about the night Ryan became saved. So sweet! What a precious picture too!

MLP said...

What an awesome first game!!! GO RYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Walker is playing right now at WFC, too. I love basketball season myself.

Hadlee is looking at this with me and she LOVES the orange shirts!!!