Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day Brunch

Today I was honored to attend Ryan's preschool Mother's Day Brunch. He was ultra excited and told me that he had been really busy making me stuff for mother's day:-). We had a fantastic time. Each student had a bag of handmade goodies for the mommies as well as a sheet of mommy's favorite things. Here's Ryan's idea of my favorite things.

He was spot on! I love all the things he mentioned, especially the things that make mom happy! They performed several songs and Ryan actually sang. My video cut off in the middle and for some reason it is really clear on my camera but not clear at all on blogger (tips please!!!) At least you can hear them singing. He's wearing a red shirt and sitting on his knees. This was a really joyful moment for me as a mommy! We have come a long way baby.

Since it was a brunch everyone was supposed to make a brunch item with their child and bring it to share. We "made" Shipleys and he couldn't have been happier. Ryan, I love you and Ally so very much and I am just constantly amazed at your knowledge, sweet spirit and how much you are both growing! Thank you for making me a mommy and for honoring me today. I LOVE YOU!!!!!

I hope all you moms out there have a fantastic weekend!!!!!


The Junods said...

Precious. And his answers are a testimony to you. You're an incredible Mommy. A few years back :) I might have judged the silent kid on stage but now I sympathize and love them so much. My little Brooks is so quiet and shy. Ryan is hope that Brooks might actually open his mouth. I'm proud of little Ryan for you. That's a big deal. There's nothing you can do but encourage their little sweet spirit. Happy Mother's Day!!

Caryn said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THOSE MOTIONS!!!! WAY TO GO RYAN!!!!! I am so proud, way to make Mommy happy at her Mother's day bunch. Precious! I love all your favorite things and that you took Ryan's favorite Shipley's. You are such a great Mother and consistent inspiration and encouragement to me! I love you!!

MLP said...

Beautiful Mommy!!! What a wonderful day! I love how Ryan knew your loves (wait 'til you hear what all Walker said about me???) & I LOVED the video. Such cute songs and Ryan was doing AWESOME! He is so handsome and precious. Finally the Shipley' kind of brunch!

Angie, you are an amazing mother and it's so obvious! I really value and love our friendship and only see it growing!!!

Shannon said...

So sweet! I love the donuts. (exactly what I would have brought!) I am so proud of his singing and motions! WOW! I know you were so proud!