Sunday, January 19, 2014

Christmas day 2013

Merry Christmas!! We started the day off at our house.  This was the first time that it's every been just the five of us on Christmas morning.  It was quiet and strange but also terrific!

Here's the stockings so when we look back we can remember what the kids were into every year.

 morning sunshine

 this was the first year of no legos for Ryan! He is very into baseball and football cards right now so this Topps complete set was a hit
 baby brady! his favorite gifts were food :)

 biggest hit=fruit snacks


 after a lazy quiet morning we headed to honey and gp's
 annual Purdy family PJ picture

 nana gave all the grandkids $10….another score!

 mom had a lot of very fun games planned throughout the day and at the end of each game the kids would get a small gift.  first up---Nana and Sam Snowmen :)
 they were such great sports
 beautiful day outside!

 then it was off to the races and some silly string

 honey and gp's photo book each year is a treasure
 everyone got their own puzzle, and then 
 dressed up Rudolf(s)

 Again awesome sports! no christmas day is complete without a HB Jesus! Thank you mom for planning such a wonderful day.

by the end of this day Mark was very sick and I still felt awful but we had wonderful memories watching the cousins have a blast together all day! 

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