Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy Easter!

This year Easter was a little different at our house:). I had been having contractions on and off for about three weeks, so I was pretty much confined to my couch. At first I was VERY sad to miss the school parties, our annual Purdy Easter egg party and church but I realized that there was no way I could physically do it. So... I enjoyed the quiet, and rested and then rested some more. I have learned SO many lessons throughout this pregnancy and the one that really repeated itself over and over was that it's OK to ask for help, and that I don't always have to do everything myself. WOW there has been a lot of freedom in that for me! It may sound silly but it was really wonderful to rely on my friends and family and just let GO. Here are some pictures of my beautiful kiddos the week of Easter.
Ally's preschool party. Mark showed up just in time for the egg hunt!
GP and Honey took my kids to the Purdy Easter party this year and they had a blast. Ryan was one of the older kids this year and he got to help hide the eggs, which he LOVED. They also had a bounce house and cookies---two of Ally's favorite things on Earth!

Ally was so excited on Good Friday because we were getting very close to meeting her baby bubba. She started counting down the days with 5 days left and this is right after she realized that there were just TWO days until we would meet Brady! YAY!
Easter morning checking out their baskets.
Just what we wanted Spring clothes! :)

Ryan is very into under armor.
And he immediately put it on :). He was very bummed I would let him wear that to church.
Quick changes and they were ready to go. Check it out Ryan gave me a little smile!!
I know that Ryan secretly loves his sister's hugs.
Too bright mommy!
I asked Ally how many more days until she meets Brady and she gave me a cartwheel and said
O-N-E!! Now that I know how difficult his labor was going to be I am so thankful that I had a few days of rest before his delivery. The Lord truly knows best. Thank you for sending you Son to die for me.
Happy Easter!

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