Friday, September 16, 2011

Life at the Woods

We have been busy getting back into our fall schedule. Ryan and Ally are both LOVING school this year and it has been absolutely wonderful so far:).
Ryan had a Second Grade community helper project and he immediately decided to interview Uncle Josh. He did AWESOME!! Meet the future Dr. Wood.

Ally and momma have had the afternoons all to ourselves and one of her favorite things to do is get pedicures. I love it too!

College football is baaaaack!! Ryan is loving watching football with Mark. They got to go to the BU vs. TCU game and it was incredible. They stayed until the very end and loved every minute of it.

Ryan's also playing flag football again this year and is the quarterback! He's constantly playing ball in the living-room, the backyard, basically anywhere he can throw the ball. Oh and under armor is his official sponsor. :)

Ally and I on one of our many lunch dates. I really haven't been cooking at all lately...

...Because I'm PREGNANT!!!

I know!!! It was a big surprise to us too but, we're thrilled! I thought our family was complete, but the Lord had other plans for us. It is absolutely amazing that this happened at all and we are incredibly grateful. It did however take a little getting used to. Mark almost had a heart attack, I did have a panic attack but... our beautiful, amazing children were SO excited they could hardly contain themselves! It is an incredible blessing and I feel very honored to embark on this journey again (sort of wish I hadn't sold every baby item I had, thankfully the sisters are fully equipped in the baby department).
Our family is going through a lot of changes but I am excited for our future and REALLY ready to start feeling better. I'm 10 weeks and have been super sick this time. And since I'm 35 now, I think it's just overall harder on this body. This miracle baby is due April 1st and we would love your prayers and encouragement. Thank you blogger buddies!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back...back, back to school again

After the fastest summer on record, it was once again time for SCHOOL!! Ryan's a big 2nd grader and Ally is going every morning until 11:30. She absolutely loves getting to go with Bubba and thinks she is pretty big stuff at Woodway Christian School:). Here are my precious babies getting ready for day one.

Look closely at this picture and you'll notice that Ally has recently lost 3 more teeth...that's a total of four teeth at age four!! She has the most beautiful new smile:).

We had "homework" to bring back on the first day. This is Ally's 'All about me' poster. My favorite section is naming her pets. Since we have no pets she named all our family pets. If I can keep that going for awhile I'll take it!!

Big seven year running into school. What a difference a year makes!

Ally waiting for Daddy to help her in the building.

Our annual pic with the best administrator in town!! This picture blesses my socks off.

The one and only family shot

Ryan and his fabulous teacher Mrs. Wallace. She is amazing!

An added treat this year is that Ally and Wyatt are in the same class---I mean how cool is that??!!

These three are TROUBLE.

Checking out her new classroom

Ally and Mrs. Dunlap. Ryan had her when he was four and I am very grateful that Ally gets to have this fantastic teacher as well

We are ready for a wonderful year. Go Wildcats!