Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our precious Pink Bobblehead Dolphin-Shark

Ally's T-ball team is called the...wait for it...Dolphin-Sharks. An absolutely perfect name for a t-ball team if you ask them:). Ally has wanted to play ball like the boys for two years now, so when we realized she could play this season, and we knew the coaches we signed her up! She talks about it all the time but I'm pretty sure she likes the idea of playing t-ball better than actually playing the games.

Here she is prancing around the bases with her pretty pink bobblehead helmet.

Ok now what do I do? Oh yea...RUN!

She's absolutely hilarious to watch!

This picture cracks me up. It was BLAZING hot so sunscreen for everybody!

Ally thanks for being such a source of entertainment for our family. We LOVE watching you play ball girl!

Great season Dolphin-Sharks


Shannon said...

Laughing really hard at those precious Dolphin-Sharks! I could not think of a better name if I tried!

Mindy said...

Seriously...just about the cutest thing EVER!!!:)