Thursday, August 5, 2010

San Antonio getaway

Mark had a NFIB Texas regional meeting in San Antonio for a few days and we decided to make it a family four day getaway. Oh how I love hotels, daily maids, not cooking or planning or scheduling and RELAXING! It was a very timely trip and we had a wonderful time with our little four-pack.

I asked Ally what her favorite part of the trip was and she was and she said "sleeping". Mark and I knew it was because she got to share a room with her favorite person in the whole world, Ryan.

They had an indoor pool which was perfect because we were the only ones there. Let the screaming begin!

and of course water gun fights...I mean light-saber duels

After Mark got finished with his meeting, we headed straight to the toy store. Since the trip was free we let them each pick out a small toy. Decisions, decisions...

For the award ceremony we ate at Chama Gaucha. Oh my goodness that place was incredible. The salad bar was amazing and of course all the men loved the never-ending steak, chicken, and pork.
Here are Mark and his friend Lyle. (so serious:-)) I don't have one usable picture of these two...ever!

Thank goodness for the DS and iPhone during the presentations!

And of course pinkie pie

We were able to get free passes to the Lifetime Fitness center across the street from the hotel, so we enjoyed a lot of outdoor swimming as well.

And my favorite mall---La Cantera. Oh if only Waco had a Sephora and Anthropologie, I'd never have to shop anywhere else.

Dinner and a smile

I say this every time we get away just the four of us, but it is SO nice to leave all the distractions of life at home and have a few days of good ol' family bonding. We all had a really great time!


Caryn said...

Looks like so much fun. How nice that lifetime was right across the street - it's like a resort. You family looks darling and so happy.

shannonmichaelis said...

Sweet - a cool vacay and Lifetime fitness all to yourself as well. Looks like a blast!

Love the zumba post - coming to Waco last minute this next week so plan to try it out next Thursday and the following Monday. Have to take from the best teacher ever!

Libbie said...

What a fun vacation. You look radiant in your pic with the kids!

Katy said...

Fun trip!! And I agree with Libbie---the picture of you with your kids is gorgeous! ;)

The Junods said...

What a great little get away! I have been away from blogging so I'm just catching up on the Woods. What fun yall have had. I love the pics and details about Zumba. I'm so out of it over here in Doha. I got a demo at the Lake from a few girls. I love that your class has a littls spiritual twist :) And your little Ally is too much. She's just all grins and too so so darn cute! Love that black and red dress at the birthday! Great posts. So glad to be all up to speed on yall!