Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dress Up

Here are a few pictures of Ally the last few weeks. Honestly, I could have included a lot more pictures but you get the idea:). This is her very favorite thing to do these days, and she's quite creative! Ryan's Mickey Mouse Hat is one of her standbys.

This is Ryan's ski helmet on backwards and her "super Ally" cape!

Tea anyone? This is a question that we get asked a LOT. She'll say, "comin' right up!"

We are leaving for Keystone, CO in the morning and I would really love your prayers. Mark and I both enjoy vacations once we're there. Neither one of us love to fly, so there's definitely anxiety where that's concerned. Our last flight was pretty rough coming back from Mexico. All you need to know is a lot of turbulence, vomiting passengers and our flight attendant had the flu! For the Wood germaphobes that was like our worst nightmare. We survived then and I'm sure we will again, but pray anyway:). We are also leaving Ally, so that's hard. If you could pray for our safety and health that would mean a lot to us. I will be posting a lot of pictures when we get back next week. Have a great week!


Caryn said...

Those are hilarious!! She is such a cutie pie!! I hope you have an amazing time on your trip.

Melissa said...

Ok, the 100% cure is less-drowsy drammamine taken 30 minutes before the flight. You can still function and nothing makes you feel yuck. I can read or talk or even get up to pee. It has saved my lie many times...go to heb and get some! And have fun!!!!!!

Blessings from the Reeds said...

I love seeing her dressed up! I miss that so much. What a doll.

You bet, we will pray for you guys! I know it is so hard to leave. Have a WONDERFUL time. God will watch over ALL of you.

Take pictures!!!

Shannon said...

Of course I will be praying! I nkow you will have the best time and be able to soak up every minute with that sweet big boy. Seeing Ally when you get home will be wonderful! Love you!

MLP said...

SO ADORABLE!!! This summer we are hooking our kids up...they would all have a blast! I'm serious.

Ally is too cute for words in her dress up clothes!

I got your e-mail back this morning. I just woke up knowing your trip was upon you. Of course I will pray for you guys. I know you will have a wonderful time. ENJOY!!! Can't wait to see pics. What a wonderful time this will be for Ryan...and you know Ally will be spoiled rotten, too!